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The Myanmar Travelogues-II: Inle Lake

The Myanmar Travelogues-II: Inle Lake

This is a part of the Myanmar Travelogue series, continued from the previous travelogue on Yangon

From Yangon, we took a comfy night bus to Inle Lake. A plush, leather seated, VIP bus, where each row only had 3 really wide seats! The plushest bus ride I had! You can read more on our bus ride and Inle Lake adventures, including an awesome visit to the Fire Balloon festival, in the following Blogs:

Inle-1: On taking buses from Yangon to Kalaw and Inle Lake

Inle: Introducing Shan State

Inle-2: The Hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake

Inle-3: Hike, Second Day

Inle: The Lake

Inle: Fire Balloon Festival

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