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The Myanmar Travelogues-I: Yangon

The Myanmar Travelogues-I: Yangon

While roaming around S.E. Asia, we came upon a few folks who had traveled through Myanmar. Upon hearing their reports, and also realizing that Myanmar had just (re)opened their borders for tourism, we decided to skip Cambodia and instead redirect our Flight tickets to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar!

I realize also that information on the Net about tourism in Myanmar is outdated, and that happens because the country is changing so fast that any information becomes outdated really quickly.

So in addition to sharing our adventures with friends & family, I’m writing this in order to help those who would be traveling just after us. Here is our series of posts talking about our experiences in Myanmar. Starting with Yangon:

Yangon-1: Arriving

Yangon-2: The return of Lungiman! Myanmar Style…

Yangon-3: Pagoda Shmagoda, Let’s Go Bollywood!

Yangon-4: Dances with Puppets and Working Girls


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