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The Mediterranean Coastal Towns

The Mediterranean Coastal Towns

From the Paradises on Earth Collection

The Mediterranean. Truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Jodee and I had the fortune to have visited two amazing Coastlines in the Mediterranean.

  • The Croatian Coast on the Adriatic Sea
  • The Turkish Coast on the Aegean Sea

The waters are crystal clear and a deep Turquoise blue. The weather, a shade south of perfect, and the people lead relaxed lives putting around on scooters and tut-tutting at tourists that rush through their sleepy little towns.

We took 3 trips along these Coasts.

First, we took a 7 day sailing trip through the Islands of Dubrovnik, Sipan, Korčula, Mlijet, Hvar and Brač.
Following that we rented a car and made our merry way through some coastal towns each blessed with an amazing beach. The towns of Rogoznica and Primošten deserve special mention for their amazing scenery.

Finally, we rented a car in Turkey as well and spent a week driving from the southern town of Antalya, through the beautiful towns of Kas, Olympos, Kekova, and Cesme, through to Izmir, which is close to the temple of Ephesus. Honestly, we were enjoying swimming in the waters so much that we decided to skip seeing yet another ancient ruin (Ephesus), and went to Cesme instead.

I was planning on posting pictures in this blog, but I couldn’t bring myself to pick just a couple. So instead please take a look at these albums on:

Turkey was the first place where I learned to swim. The ocean waters kept me afloat while I slowly learned to stop panicking in deep water. I still panic sometimes so I don’t go too far out yet!



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